I can't stay here any longer
I can't become more free and stronger
This sense between us like a wall...
You scrapped me like a broken doll

I stayed alone at this night.
There is no one to return me light.
In too deep chasm I have to fall
I need you. You don't hear my call.

My name is Death, My Fate is Blood
My angel wings faded to black
I can't allow my soul to rise
I will be Darkness’s Sacrifice

So heartless is constant will of god
I don't want a repentance, but...
I'm ready to bear this night with you
But you aren't here. It hurts me too.

"My Lord! Have mercy! let me die!
I don't want to live at endless night!"
...In this cold world I have to stay
Because He doesn't hear my pray.

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